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About us

Our history

FIB Assessors is an independent business advisory firm. The extensive national and international experience of our team begins in the year 2000, together with expert lawyers, auditors, economists and managers of large law firms in Barcelona. Thanks to them, we learned another way of doing things.

Since 2015, already as an independent firm, we offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary services under essential premises: Experience, Rigor, Trust, Innovation and Enthusiasm.

Many clients have already trusted us. We are proud of our work with them, but also of our ability to offer the same close, rigorous and detailed treatment to any person or entity that seeks our services. Because your trust is the best recognition for us.

Our philosophy

At FIB Assessors we have it clear. Our mission is to contribute to the development of both national and international companies, making available advisory services of the highest quality, which help them manage their businesses and create value for their company and for the whole society.

To achieve this, we respect the values that define us as a company:



We have renewed the traditional concept of management, after two decades of both national and international experience. This allows us to offer you new horizons.



Our way of working is based on rigor, exhaustive documentation, efficiency and professionalism. Only by doing this we can offer you the quality you ask for.



We like that each client has a single interlocutor, who becomes your right hand, guides you daily and solves your needs quickly and efficiently.


Flexibility and Innovation

Every client is different. For that reason we like to adapt our working methods to your needs, always applying innovation.


Enthusiasm and collaboration

We are passionate about our work and we like to encourage teamwork to promote collective talent.


Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to the social responsibility of companies.

Our goals


Ease the comprehensive management of your company

Thanks to a quality service, also efficient and rigorous, able to provide solutions to your problems and a quick response to your needs. With all this we achieve that you can delegate the administrative management of your business with complete confidence.


Boost the growth of your business

If we take responsibility for managing the core business of your organization, you will be able to make it grow in all areas, including not only economic, but also human and social.


Guide and go along with you at all times

Managing a company involves making tough decisions. That is why we become your right hand thanks to a personalized service and constant accompaniment.


Making the difficult seem easy

We know that it is difficult to run a business but we make it easy by adapting 100% to your pace and needs and by offering you maximum flexibility and facilities.


Support the internationalization of your company

If it is in your plans to expand your company, we can advise you so that you can consolidate a business without borders.


Apply innovation in each area of your business

The more innovative the technology and working methods of your company are, the easier it will be to manage it. At FIB Assessors we have incorporated an innovative app and online collaborative software that allows us to develop all your business management with you.


Promote good practices

Also good business management and corporate social responsibility. At FIB Assessors we lead by example, collaborating with our municipality and developing Corporate Social Responsibility actions, both externally and within our own company.


Contribute to the development of the social and business fabric

If your business grows properly, we will contribute to improve the social, labor and business fabric that surrounds us.


Without them it would not be possible. The FIB Assessors team is:

Rosa Maria Becerro
Francesc Figueras
Marcos Perez
Jordi Julibert
Sonia Mateu
Veronica Ruiz
Ana Collazos
Sergi Baguena
Laura Sanabria
Judit Espinar


We would love to listen to you and advise you because it is our mission to accompany you in your business development.
You can contact us at our mail or fill in this contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.